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Work/Life Balance - who has it and how do you get it?

24 Nov 15  | CBSbutler |  Recruitment News
Work/Life Balance: Who has it, and how do you get it?

A survey of more than 670 white-collar workers were surveyed by Captivate to find out whether they feel that they have a good work/life balance, and if so, how they have achieved it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Men are consistently happier than women both at home and in the office

    • 25% of men are happier at work than their female counterparts, and 8% are happier at home.

    • 75% of men are happy with their work/life balance, compared to 70% of women.

  • The typical ‘happiest person’ is a 39 year old married male whose wife works part time, has a young child at home, holds a senior management position and earns $150K-$200K. The quintessential ‘unhappiest person’ is a 42 year old unmarried female with no children who works in a professional position and erns less than $100K.

  • Men are 35% more likely than women to take a break ‘just to relax’ and 25% more likely to take breaks for personal activities.

  • 87% of both men and women reported a negative impact on their health due to the work/life balance, including such complaints as stress, headaches, tension, weight gain and depression.

  • 97% of happy people with a decent work/life balance take regular holidays, 89% leave work at a reasonable hour in the evening and 68% take breaks during the work day.


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