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Writing the perfect CV for healthcare

17 Dec 13  | Life Sciences

It's long been known that Britain's world-leading healthcare service is also one of the largest employers. In fact, not only is it responsible for more UK jobs than any other firm, body or organisation (around 1.7 million), it's also the fifth-biggest employer in the entire world. Only McDonalds, WalMart, China's People's Liberation Army and the US Department of Defense have more workers on their books.

This, of course, is just the NHS alone and, when looking at private industries, there are many tens of thousands more workers across the UK - which makes for a huge job reserve. Despite all the jobs there is still a great deal of competition, with applicants for healthcare jobs needing to ensure their CVs are right up to scratch in order to make sure it's a success.

Be specific

The sheer range of jobs available in healthcare is immense - if not surprising given the above figures. As such, one catch-all CV is certainly not going to cut it for those hoping to identify a number of job opportunities and blast them out wantonly.

This, of course, is the number one rule for effective CV writing, but is especially important for healthcare simply because of the sheer variety of roles on offer.

Time consuming - certainly - but so too is sending off countless CVs then waiting by the phone for nobody to call.

Show flexibility

The majority of those who work in healthcare will have to consign themselves to the fact that they are unlikely to ever simply work 9-5, Monday to Friday. Health care doesn't stop for lunch or clock off at 5, so neither do the workers. Early mornings, evenings, nights and weekends are fair game, as is - at least for many front-line workers - staying late and fitting in a quick pit stop into what should technically be an hour-long lunch break.

This is just concerning time, but is also as much to do with workload. Healthcare professionals are increasingly being asked to juggle numerous tasks at once, with the quality of each not to suffer even slightly as a result.

For these reasons, healthcare professionals need to be happy to be challenged and flexible in their work, so a CV should reflect this loudly and clearly.

Be social

Applications for many roles do not need to use the overly formal tone of some other industries. Dealing with people is an integral part of most healthcare jobs so communication skills often rank as more important than many other 'hard' skills. It shouldn't be an issue to reflect this in the CV or covering letter, with little glimmers of personality shining through to set the application apart and show an open, affable nature.

Looking for a position within one of the biggest industries in the UK affords jobseekers the luxury of knowing there are plenty of options open to them. To make the most of this, though, a quality CV is most certainly still needed.

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