Active Directory Engineer

Job title: Active Directory Engineer

Salary: circa £40,000

Location: 3 available - Portsmouth

I am currently recruiting an Active Directory Engineer for a leading defence IT business. The Active Directory Engineer is a wide-ranging role that will be responsible for the Active Directory Service (AD), Identity Services (ID), Single Sign on service (SSO), Network Access Control (NAC) Service and Email & Messaging. You will be responsible for managing the entirety of these highlighted above, including ensuring that the applications required to perform these actions are supported, patched and updated appropriately.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance of Active Directory Forest according to security policies
  • Provision of new groups and devices as required by projects
  • Continued Availability of Domain Controllers to enable remote access
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Manage AD forests and domain services
  • Implement and maintain the AD design and OU structures
  • Provide second/third level MS Exchange support and maintenance
  • Handle and coordinate interfaces between the end-user and the messaging back-end services
  • To be aware of the relevant SLA structure and to respond, fix or escalate according to the limits set out within that structure.
  • Maintain Operational and User procedures to ensure that Team Leader is informed of progress.

Required Skills:

  • Maintain accurate records and documentation
  • Experience applying ITIL methodology
  • Able to work as part of a small team
  • Experience in Active Directory administration
  • Experience of NAC Services, file access management and disaster recovery planning
  • Experience managing mail and messaging services using MS Windows and MS Exchange

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