Assembly Technician

Assembly Technician

Assembly; Manufacture; Calibration; Mechanical

Complex Engineering; Defence; Aerospace; Automotive; RF; Microwave

Hayes (Hybrid available)

£27,000 - £29,000

We design and manufacture high power electronic and microwave systems to operate reliably in the harshest environments. You will be manufacturing and assembling parts of the Travelling Wave Tube and subassemblies as per required processes and schedule.

Key accountabilities - Assembly Technician

+ Assembly and manufacture of high precision small Travelling Wave Tubes.

+ Working in a cleanroom environment.

+ Precision welding using a laser welder.

+ Fine mechanical assembly of specialist parts using braze alloys.

+ Leak checking and other ancillary tasks.

+ Working with small components sometimes under Magnification

+ Understanding of mechanical measurements, able to use measuring equipment.

+ Required to record operations and carry out measurement tasks as part of assembly methods and procedures.

+ Perform duties with respect to all Company Procedures.

+ To undertake any other task, which may be reasonably requested.

Skills and knowledge - Assembly Technician

+ Experience in assembly of small to medium size assemblies.

+ Good mechanical knowledge and dexterity.