Electrical, Controls & Instrumentation Engineer (Nuclear)

EC&I Engineer (Nuclear)

Electrical, Controls & Instrumentation

Location: Bristol, Reading, Southampton, or Warrington

Salary: £35,000 - £45,000 + annual bonus

Clearance: Willing to undergo SC security clearance (start on bpss)

Job Purpose:

The Engineer applies engineering domain knowledge competently to provide technical solutions in the delivery of products and services while developing domain knowledge, experience and leadership skills.

Competent in a subject area (Electrical, controls and Instrumentation), resolves specific technical issues and problems, compiles technical reports and accompanying presentations, provides, reviews and adheres to specifications in accordance with stakeholder requirements.

Key responsibilities:

This is the level for a competent, experienced and skilled engineer who understands the concepts and principles in a generalist subject area; designs, develops or contributes to determination of solutions to problems and issues in a generalist subject area. Able to work on a range of engineering problems involving some complexity. Typically, works independently and under occasional supervision, can refer to others or seek guidance for more unusual or complex problems and situations.

The role must be fully aware of and adhere to Health & Safety standards and be fully familiar with all authorised documentation, Good Practice Guides and ISO standards.

  1. Promote effective co-operation across Engineering and other functional teams

  1. Assist in effective management of the customer, through interfacing with customers and supply chain on design issues and assist with procurement specifications

  1. Ensure procedures, codes and standards are correctly identified and applied to engineering and technical activities.

  1. Ensure task and project risks are communicated appropriately
  2. Contribute to Product Safety Assessment process
  3. Provide a technical interface with internal and external stakeholders at a detailed level

  1. Carry out technical investigations and analysis to provide data for problem assessment/resolution and for design of improvements

  1. Contribute to process improvement within the operational and/or design lifecycle to deliver continuous improvements in quality, cycle time and asset utilisation

  1. Apply engineering domain knowledge to produce technical solutions and documentation in support of assigned task and project

  1. Produce, review, verify outputs including: calculations, analyses, technical reports, technical specifications and method statements

  1. Ensure appropriate review, verification and approval is undertaken on work performed

  1. Plan, deliver and monitor assigned tasks and projects, ensuring requirements are delivered to time, quality and cost

  1. Provide help and direction to less experienced team members to support both their effective working, and their development.

  1. Provide support to the Project Manager for the planning, control and delivery of tasks and projects
  2. Make engineering decisions within own sphere of responsibility and delegated authority
  3. May act as Technical Authority or Engineering Lead when authorised to do so

  1. Ensure application of highest standards for health and safety in immediate area of responsibility and ensure all team members across engineering co-operate with respect to company standards about matters on health, safety and environment, ethics and behaviours

  1. Keep up to date in relevant technical areas and develop skills and capabilities to be able to provide effective delivery. Maintain knowledge of Industry best practice, promote a culture of engineering best practice, support in driving cultural development and change

  1. Contribute to learning from experience (LfE). requirement, during and post project

  1. Support business development opportunities in raising the Cavendish Nuclear profile via presentations, academic links, conferences & technical papers, and identify opportunities and new work streams

  1. Exercise care for own health and safety and that of others as defined by Health and Safety legislation, adhere to endorsed Company policy, procedures and delegations (e.g. Health & Safety, Diversity & Inclusion, Performance & Development Reviews and Finance etc.) Ensure application of highest standards for health and safety in immediate area of responsibility and ensure individual co-operation with respect to company standards about matters on health, safety and environment, ethics and behaviours

  1. Support the business winning process through input into or review of tender requirements, including estimates