FPGA Design Engineer

FPGA Design Engineer
£55,000 - £65,000

We are one of the UK's leading providers of cost-effective marine, coastal and land based security and surveillance radar systems and support services; providing solutions for the commercial, defence and security sectors worldwide.
The FPGA Design Engineer is responsible for the whole or an assigned portion of a design from preliminary specification through to verified firmware. The FPGA Design Engineer provides expert knowledge of firmware design, test, and verification.

Key Accountabilities - FPGA Design Engineer

+ To support and enhance existing Firmware in accordance with business and commercial requirements.
+ To undertake defining a set of requirements for a feature/bug fix up to system level; design and document a solution that meets the requirements; and implement, test and verify the design meets the requirements with supported test evidence.
+ To undertake design, implementation and debugging of VHDL based FPGA hardware.
+ To undertake design and development of test benches and vectors to verify VHDL based FPGA.
+ To write technical documentation including requirement specifications, test specification and functional description.
+ To be responsible for building a Software/Firmware package for release; including configuring the release, raising the appropriate documentation, and chairing the release meeting.
+ To conduct appropriate Design Reviews of FPGA design and VHDL implementation.
+ To take part in higher-level product definition and design review activity, providing expert input from an FPGA perspective.

Skills and knowledge required - FPGA Design Engineer

+ An excellent master's or bachelor's Degree from a good university
+ Five or more years' experience working on FPGA designs
+ Proven track record of producing designs on time and within budget.
+ Experience working on Radar or related DSP applications.