Head of Software Engineering

Head of Software Engineering

Leading the UK Land and Naval Division Software Engineering Team to meet the design and development goals related to cost, schedule and performance. This relates to all development projects and support to business winning. The role includes maintaining and developing the competence of software engineering resources, processes and tools to meet the needs of the Line of Business.

  • Supporting the Governance and Control of software engineering activities including the assignment of software engineers to product development, contract delivery and support to customer proposals.

  • Contributes to, and is governed by, the Strategic Plans of the Land and Naval Division with specific reference to the software engineering function.

Key Responsibility Areas

  • Leadership of the Software Engineering function within the product based IPTs in the UK.

  • Managing the associated financial aspects of a department of approximately 50 engineers and achieving target levels of recoveries from direct bookings.

  • Authority for the authorisation of robust Software Development Plans ensuring they are developed and resourced to meet the schedule, cost and performance requirements of the business and its various market sectors.

  • The allocation of software engineers to IPTs across UK Land & Naval Division and the management of mismatches between workload and headcount.

  • Agreeing with SQA and Design Integrity an appropriate level of tailoring of functional processes for each product development commensurate with the levels of risk and cost set by the Line of Business.

  • Authority for the authorisation of software engineering cost estimation.

  • Responsible to the Head of Engineering for the software engineering performance of all delivery activities across the UK Land & Naval Division.

  • Promoting software engineering capability, identifying collaboration and reuse opportunity and sharing resources in order to maximise utilisation and ensure benefit to the wider (Italy & UK) Land & Naval Division.

  • Ensuring the accurate reporting of agreed Metrics from IPTs to the Head of Engineering.

  • Leading and promoting a culture of continuous improvement towards industry best practise.

Skills, Qualifications & Knowledge Required

  • Proven personal background in software development across all lifecycles phases.

  • An ability to balance required integrity against acceptable costs / available budgets ensuring optimised solutions for the business.

  • Strong leadership and organisational abilities with excellent communication skills.

  • Able to successfully influence and drive change through a discipline.

  • Mentoring and team development capability.

  • Strong capacity to build effective working relationships across the (Italy & UK) Land & Naval Division engineering discipline.

  • Understanding of the wider software engineering discipline and related technology trends.

  • Confidence and ability to respond effectively to challenges that may be technical, process based or people related.