Licensed Engineer

B1/B2 Line Maintenance Certifying Technician

B1/B2 and C Base Maintenance Certifying Engineer

Senior Cat C Base Maintenance Certifying Engineer

Our Customer, is moving to Phase 3 of their expansion plans after only 12 months of Base Maintenance operations, they are seeking experienced Aircraft Engineers, B1, B2 and C for its new Service Centre located at the London Biggin Hill Airport, United Kingdom.

The London Service Centre will join an award winning Network of wholly owned Business Aircraft Service Centres; as well as a line maintenance station in Nice, Linz, Milan and Paris.

In your role, you will:

  • Troubleshoot, repair, inspect and perform maintenance on customer aircraft.
  • Performs and documents all work performed per appropriate manuals and regulations as required.


  • You hold an EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance License: B1 and/or B2 and/or C
  • You have up to date basic knowledge requirements of Appendix I to Part-66
  • You have basic knowledge of Part-M, Part-145 and any other relevant regulations
  • Have been involved in at least 6 months of actual relevant aircraft or component maintenance experience in any consecutive 2-year period
  • You have experience or knowledge of working with our aircraft (LearJet, Challenger 300's, Challenger 600's, Challenger 850 and Global Express) or aircraft in the same class, and be able to identify them.
  • Have knowledge on, and practicing of, human factors, human performance and limitations
  • Have knowledge on EWIS and CDCCL when relevant
  • You have experience working during last two years on at least one aircraft type for each license (sub) category
  • Be current on all training requirements (recurrent/continuation training)
  • Have the ability to interpret and work with engineering drawings
  • Be able to effectively communicate in both written and verbal form on individual task and / or aircraft status
  • Be highly proficient in using standard tools, special tools and operate ground support equipment
  • Have the ability to work in accordance with the maintenance data and to notify the function responsible of defects or mistakes requiring rectification to re-establish required maintenance standards
  • Have the ability to use information systems (computer skills)
  • To have experience on business jet aircraft is desirable

Type coursed can be provided, further details on application.