PhD Physics Graduate

PhD Physics Graduate
£30,000 - £40,000

We design and manufacture high power electronic and microwave systems to operate reliably in the harshest environments.

As a Physics Graduate you will be expected to represent the company in a highly professional way and work with their products in accordance with their Quality & Safety expectations.

Key Accountabilities - Physics Graduate

+ Contribute to the development of new technologies as part of the Applied Science team.
+ Perform lab experiments to investigate new techniques.
+ Design, procure, build, test and maintain optical and electronic equipment and setups. This may need to be carried out in conjunction with customers or end users and they may need support and training during this process.
+ Work on control software for developed hardware.
+ Ensure safe use of lasers and any other equipment, to be always responsible for own health and safety, to follow any health and safety requirements of their customers or end users including the use of personal protective equipment as required.
+ Off-site travel to collaborate with academic and industry partners
+ To support product demonstrations in conjunction with the sales team.

Skills and knowledge required - Physics Graduate

+ PhD in AMO Physics
+ Experience in a University optics lab.
+ Experience with atom interferometry or optical atomic clocks.
+ Some programming experience.