Quality Control Operative

Quality Control Operative

This is a great opportunity to join a company that manufacture life saving / changing devices!

You will be responsible for ensuring product integrity from Manufacturing to Inspection. This role will involve cleaning of products, day to day maintenance of the cleaning lines and visually inspecting products for cosmetic blemishes and storage of work in products.

Key tasks:

  • Ensure that parts going through the cleaning line are clean to the companies' standards before going into inspection

  • Maintain the cleaning line carrying out the daily checks such as dilution etc.

  • Visually inspect parts as required to the companies' standards

  • Ensure that work handling boxes are clean and ready for use in manufacturing

Key training Achievements:

  • An ability to clean parts to necessary standards

  • An ability to visually distinguish desired cosmetic finishes.

  • An ability to maintain the company cleaning lines

  • An understanding of the Quality Management System particularly with regards to product integrity.

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