Quality Manager (ISO 13485)

Quality Manager

You will be responsible for leading and supporting all staff in adhering to the requirements of the Quality Management system of the company. Includes adjusting the QMS to ensure that it best supports the needs of the company whilst always following regulatory requirements, production of training modules and delivery of said modules (where appropriate) to ensure that the skill levels within the company exceed the requirements of the business, and the production and delivery of the Quality part of the company business plan.

Desired Skills and Abilities:

Ideally you will be apprentice trained production engineer with an ability to measure all company products from first principles and understanding the cosmetic needs of said parts and customers. Experience in producing and managing company Quality Management Systems within an ISO13485 and FDA Environment. Knowledge and skills within the programming, setting and usage of automated measurement systems.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the companies QMS

  • Create, agree and implement the Quality part of the company business plan and also supporting other senior managers in their parts of the plan as necessary

  • Advise the senior management team and the board of technical changes in the market with regards to matters of Quality which may be of relevance either immediately or in the future

  • Manage and support all staff in adherence to the QMS

  • Produce and have responsibility with Senior Management colleagues for the implementation of a training and development plan for all staff within the QMS

  • Be involved with the plan to manage and implement the purchase, installation and validation of new machinery in the company