Software Engineer - Pole - SC Cleared - London

Software Developer - Pole - London based

SC Cleared - 5 month contract

£500.00-£600.00 per day



Lead developer/designer, with experience of developing API frameworks using REST API integration, preferably with experience of running Proof of Concepts. Experience of managing data in a government/secure environment would be beneficial.

To work on a Proof Of Concept hosted in the Azure Cloud. Working alongside a Solutions Architect, Data Architect and another senior developer to establish a preferred approach for storing POLE data currently residing in a variety of legacy case management systems (structured data).

A series of Architectural and technology selection sprints (already in progress) followed by a series of design sprints. 80% focussed on POLE store (Graph database knowledge and API development experience required). 20% focused on search (experience of Elasticsearch would be useful). C


Candidate Technologies include Neo4J, MongoDB, Java, JSON, HTML5, JavaScript/Angular and Bootstrap. Estimated 3-4 month project with a high chance of follow-on work to develop a production system. Project will also include Integration with a Sharepoint and ElasticSearch system to be developed in a precursor PoC.

Good to have:
API Gateway Frameworks development using REST API integration
Graph databases, particularly Neo4j
Should have (candidate should have the majority of skills in this category)
Lead developer/designer, not junior team member
Experience of leading PoCs with an Agile methodology
Implementing POLE Data models using graph databases
Could have (the ideal candidate would have these too):
Experience of a government/secure environment