Transition Architect - ERP Solution

Transition Architect - ERP Solution

+ 3 month initial contract

+ Home based

+ SC Cleared position - the client is ideally looking for enhanced SC

+ ERP & Cloud and DC Transformation

+ £75 to £81 p/hour


+ To advise on technical transition to one of 3 ERP Infrastructures

+ Our client is looking to introduce a new ERP System to meet Finance HR and Asset and Staff management goals.
+ To compliment the business requirements work currently being undertaken, additional expertise to assist with complex transitional technical planning is needed to feed into decision support and budget estimating prior to the implementation and acquisition phases.

You will need to:
+ assure Technical Platform options
+ assure Integration and Data options.
+ help develop Transition States artefacts for all 3 ERP solution candidates
+ help the customer gain a wider understanding and implications of technical implementation complexity for all 3 solution choices

Work alongside strategic consulting partner to understand emerging business requirements and in parallel to them create the technical infrastructure transformation narrative for each solution choice as the clients friend advising the options from a technical perspective (Time cost money risk)

Experienced architect with background spanning across ERP and Cloud and DC Transformation including networking.

Demonstrable business and comms skills as well as tech experience

Capable of producing transitional architecture and strategy documents

understanding risks and costs and experience of authoring paperwork to support detailed analysis work of such (Risk registers Rom costings Plan)

CV includes Secure Govt work at Home Office or Policing or Justice complex infrastructure transformations

Excellent communication skills Possesses strong C Level experience of supporting transformations

Track record of managing SI and Outsourced staff in a commercial situation to advance programmes projects and business case work

Perfect candidate has SCe clearance and knowledge of National level law enforcement eg NCA/SOCA/NCCU systems