What are the Highest Paid Engineering Jobs in the UK?

February 07, 2020

Engineering has always been a popular career choice. Being well-respected by others, a vital part of society, and offering loads of room for improvement and progression, it makes sense that so many people like the idea of becoming an engineer.

Of course, though, most people won’t just pick this sort of job for the way it makes them feel; the salary will play a huge role in deciding which job you like the sound of the most. As leading recruiters in engineering, we’re going to be exploring a range of different engineering roles, giving you an idea of which are the highest paid, while also providing a greater insight into this field.

1: Energy, Renewables & Nuclear

Renewable and nuclear energy are becoming popular alternatives to oil, gas, and coal, causing far less pollution than their counterparts, while also offering a more long-term option. This has opened the doors to those who want a career which will have the power to make real change in the world.

Average Salary: £38,250

2: Chemicals, Pharmaceutical & Medical

The medical field is diverse and complex, and many of the engineering jobs carried out in this area have to be done by specialised professionals. With people getting older, medical science developing, and hospitals looking for better ways to treat their patients, there has never been a better time to become a chemicals, pharmaceutical & medical engineer.

Average Salary: £37,870

3: Aerospace

Never has there been a time when rocket scientists were in such high demand. Aerospace covers both space flight and the flight you find here on Earth, opening the doors to a huge range of projects if you work in a field like this. More and more private companies are moving into this field, and this is making jobs increasingly accessible.

Average Salary: £36,442

4: Food, Drink & Consumer Goods

Food, drink, and consumer goods are all product types which people need all the time. There is extremely high demand for this sort of engineering, and an environmentally conscious society is only going to need more experts in this field. This makes it a great choice for engineers who don’t want to have to change their career down the line.

Average Salary: £36,420

5: Automotive

While car companies are struggling to keep business up, there is a still a lot of demand for cars, and this means that there needs to be engineers to make them. Electric vehicles are set to take the market by storm over the next few years, giving you an opportunity to create a career that will last a lifetime.

Average Salary: £35,358

6: Oil & Gas

Despite the growing popularity of renewable fuels and energy, oil and gas engineers are still in high demand. People are going to be using these resources for generations to come, and this means that there will always be need for engineers, making it a good choice for those who want stability in their role.

Average Salary: £35,241

Being an engineer can be a rewarding career path, but it’s always worth thinking about the money you could make if you went down a slightly different path. Of course, though, the field you choose is completely down to you.